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WorldSolve has the expertise to help you maximize the value of your technology investments.
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WorldSolve's Real Estate Industry Practice is dedicated to providing value-driven information management consulting and technology services to leading real estate organizations. WorldSolve's team of expert resources possesses extensive knowledge and experience in the commercial real estate arena. From large Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT's) to smaller private companies, WorldSolve has helped its real estate customers improve performance through the alignment of people, processes and technology. If your company owns, manages or develops commercial real estate assets or advises and provides ancillary services to commercial real estate clients, WorldSolve has the expertise to help you maximize the value of your technology investments.

Our seasoned professionals have an average of ten years of experience ranging from executives of public REIT's to senior consultants and software engineers at leading information management consulting firms focused on real estate solutions. We know the commercial real estate business inside and out. We understand the challenges that management teams face…we have been there and we know what it takes to make the right choices and get the job done. We also understand the emerging best practices across the industry and can integrate the right solutions based on each customer's needs. When it comes to business intelligence for improved decision-making, enterprise system selection, implementation and integration, custom application development, data mining, analysis and reporting, or ebusiness solutions, WorldSolve has what it takes to deliver results.

Industry Focus

The real estate industry is experiencing a period of unprecedented change. To remain competitive in light of new economic and technological market forces, companies are finding it necessary to develop an information management framework. This framework refers to a comprehensive schema for managing the activities related to the planning, creation/collection, organization, use, accessibility, dissemination, storage, protection and disposition of information. In response to the need for rapid decision-making, improved performance, and a focus on the bottom line, new technologies have emerged to facilitate innovative and superior techniques for building this framework. Unfortunately, the benefits from these new technologies are not achieved without sacrifice and determination. With these new technologies come new complexities and new choices.

WorldSolve's Real Estate Industry Practice delivers services and expertise designed to help real estate clients navigate the growing complexities of the information technology landscape. We have developed specific service offerings that are staffed with professionals who bring intense industry knowledge to each engagement, regardless of size or scope.

Our service offerings encompass comprehensive capabilities in the following areas:

Operational Optimization Enterprise Systems & Integration Financial Planning & Analysis Property Management Development & Construction Asset Management Human Resource / Payroll Workflow Management Enterprise Reporting IT Infrastructure Operational Optimization For real estate companies, our Operational Optimization services concentrate on diagnostic analysis and business process improvement. We assess our customer's technology, business processes, systems, and organizational structure to provide alternatives for improvements that support business strategies and objectives. Using proven methodologies, we help our customers identify and implement leading practices and solutions based on clearly defined business requirements. This enables customers to leverage technology solutions, provide better data for analysis and gain real operational efficiencies.

Enterprise Systems & Integration WorldSolve has extensive experience with leading information systems that help real estate organizations manage business functions across their entire enterprise. Our consultants have worked with many customers to plan and manage all aspects of the system selection, development, and implementation life-cycle. With systems experience ranging from J.D. Edwards, MRI, and Yardi, to Hyperion, Optika, and SLP, WorldSolve is able to provide its customers with the information, knowledge, and capabilities to successfully deploy, upgrade, and maintain critical technology solutions. To maximize the benefit of our enterprise system services, we focus a great deal of attention on the efficient integration of business applications and processes to ensure that the right information gets to the right people in the right places at the right time.

Financial Planning & Analysis Technology is only one component of financial planning and analysis. Real estate companies must streamline processes and have a clear understanding of their important business drivers to provide an efficient environment for analyzing information and performance. Our experience with leading financial planning and analysis applications combined with our extensive knowledge of commercial real estate enables us to provide expertise on financial budgeting and forecasting, performance measurement, and business intelligence. WorldSolve's services enable customers to establish a financial planning framework supported by technologies and business practices that allow companies to easily monitor their performance and make better decisions.

Property Management For most real estate companies, the day-to-day activities required to support property management and building operations are a significant focus, impacting virtually every aspect of their businesses. WorldSolve's professionals have implemented solutions ranging from tracking prospects and managing the coordination of leasing efforts to administering tenant billings and collections, generating management fees and lease commissions to processing work orders. We have worked with our customers and their technology systems to improve their abilities to track, process, and monitor these activities. Our experience with leading technology systems available to property managers, facility managers, and brokerage companies, allows us to provide a full range of services that enable customers to streamline functions, minimize effort, and maximize the value of these critical activities.

Development & Construction For companies that provide development and construction services for office, industrial, retail, and mixed-use properties, WorldSolve has the experience necessary to help choose, develop, and/or implement the right technology solutions. Our understanding of job cost accounting and knowledge of financial systems enables us to ensure that projects are setup and tracked accordingly. We have developed sophisticated applications designed to track and report on all aspects of the development process. We have also helped customers to standardize their processes and integrate new Web based collaboration systems that fully engage all parties involved in the construction and development life-cycle.

Asset Management WorldSolve provides services to support and enable the asset management and property valuation responsibilities of its real estate customers. From systems to track and manage the due diligence for acquisitions and joint ventures to the sale or exchange of properties, we have built and implemented solutions to ensure that accurate and timely information is available for informed decision making. Our experience with the variety of cash flow analysis and property valuation software applications is unparalleled. By leveraging our experience with property management and financial accounting systems, we have developed integrated solutions that eliminate the need to reenter leasing and accounting data in order to produce cash flow forecasts. To extend the capabilities of these applications and meet our customers' business requirements we have developed distributed lease assumption management systems that enable increased efficiency and improved forecasting accuracy.

Human Resource / Payroll Employees are the most important assets of every company. WorldSolve has the business and systems experience to select, integrate, and implement solutions including those that ensure basic employee demographics are captured and accurately reported to enabling remote time entry and department/employee allocation systems to integrating with hosted providers. We have worked with leading payroll processing centers and benefit administrators as well as off-the-shelf HR & Payroll systems to meet our customers' needs.

Workflow Management In the past several years, leading real estate companies have begun to recognize the value that can be achieved through the automation of complicated business processes. Many new products have been introduced to capitalize on the opportunities in this area. Selecting the right workflow technology and achieving the desired level of automation can be difficult. In addition, maintaining the necessary business process checks and balances to ensure that new automation is controlled makes workflow design and implementation even more challenging. Our professionals have worked with customers to select, implement and integrate workflow management systems to enable business functions ranging from the end-to-end lease processing to the accounts payable invoice receipt, imaging, coding, approval, and payment process. WorldSolve has the experience to help its customers select the right technology and automate processes to achieve the desired business outcomes.

Enterprise Reporting Reporting is critical for real estate companies to constantly monitor and present information to their partners, investors, customers, employees, and vendors. For many reasons, accurate and timely reporting has historically presented significant challenges to real estate companies. The presence of disparate systems, inconsistent data management procedures, and unique reporting demands has contributed to these challenges. Customers benefit from our enterprise reporting services due to our knowledge of both technology and real estate operations. By establishing the required reporting foundation and utilizing the appropriate tools, WorldSolve can help customers transform data into valuable business information that is easily accessible both internally and externally.

IT Infrastructure WorldSolve has an appreciation and understanding of the fact that today virtually every business process depends upon some type of technology system. This appreciation comes from our experience in managing all aspects of business process and information management system implementations. Customers benefit from our ability to transform our comprehensive knowledge of technology infrastructure into advice and technical guidance to ensure projects are delivered according to plan. While our expertise allows us to provide technical networking and system engineering services, our focus is to ensure that our customers' information management projects are aligned with their technology infrastructure. At the same time, we strive to transfer knowledge and expertise to our customers so that they can manage and maintain their systems long after a project is successfully completed.

WorldSolve has developed the following process model to help real estate clients assess issues impacting their businesses and identify improvement opportunities. Real Estate Process Model

RE Model

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